The Flexible Display Center at ASU boasts collaborations with university, government and industry partners, both national and international. The university collaborations provide the finest and most up-to-date research, giving FDC the knowledge needed to continually improve their flexible display technologies. The government partnerships provide FDC with insight into how to better protect the soldiers that protect and preserve our Nation. Finally, industry partners make available innovative materials and technical service solutions that allow FDC to create the best possible product for the consumer. FDC is able to respond to the rapidly evolving technological environment because of these partnerships.

                                            Center Industry Membership Level Summary

(Cash/In-Kind per Year)
Membership Benefits
       Member Fee:  $200-$500K
  (Based on Number of employees)
Serves on:
  • Governing Board
  •  IP Committee
  • Technical Advisory Board
  • TFT Pilot Line Access: First Priority,  20 starts/year
  • Governance Voting
  • IP Policies and Direction
  • Shared results and access
  • Preferred IP access
  • Preferred lease rates in the FDC Facility
          Member Fee: $50K
Serves on:
     Technical Advisory Board (TAB)
  • TFT Pilot Line Access: Second Priority starts at cost
  • Shared results and access
  • Preferred IP access
  • Lease access in the FDC Facility
Technology Integrators
          Member Fee:  $50K
Serves on:
     Integrated Display Systems TAB
  • Early look at display technology advances in the form of limited number of display demonstrators
  • Shared results and access
  • Preferred IP access
             Cash Only
$20K/yr access fee plus full project cost
  • Project-based technology evaluation/validation
  • Project-based shared results

   Membership Contact:  Nick Colaneri,  Center Director, 480-727-8971