Flexible Electronics and Display Center

(FEDC) at Arizona State University is a leader in advancing flexible displays, flexible sensors and flexible electronics systems.

full-color organic light emitting diode

Full-color organic light
emitting diode (OLED) displays

Electrophoretic Displays (EPDS or e-paper)

Electrophoretic displays

X-ray detectors

X-ray detectors

FEDC experts collaborate with government, academia and industry to provide comprehensive flexible electronics capabilities that bridge the high-risk, resource-intensive gap between innovation and product development. Our world-class facility offers unique manufacturing pilot lines (150 mm wafer-scale and 370 x 470 mm sheet-scale) in a Class 10 clean room. We provide an information-secure environment for process, tool and materials development and evaluation. We also integrate sustainable microelectronics processing into all of our activities.