Our Vision:

Our vision is to evolve and leverage the Flexible Electronics and Display Center’s world-class flexible display capabilities, in concert with other ASU synergistic research, to achieve a leadership position in the emerging flexible electronics industry and establish ASU as a high-value government and industry resource.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to advance full-color, video rate, flexible display technology and catalyze development of a vibrant flexible display and flexible electronics industry to produce integrated electronic systems with advanced functionality.  The FDC will collaborate with government, academia and industry to provide comprehensive flexible electronics capabilities that bridge the high risk, resource intensive gap between innovation and product development in an information-secure environment for process, tool, and materials co-development and evaluation.  Integral to our mission is integrating the concept of sustainable microelectronics processing into all FDC activities.

Recent Videos and Printable Brochure:

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FDC Center Brochure