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  • ASU Research Park, Tempe, AZ location
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Structural design accommodates large display tools and equipment
  • 250,000 sq. ft. total capacity
  • 25,000 sq. ft. Class 10/100/1000 clean room
  • R&D, pilot line and production capable
  • 12,000 sq. ft. wet/dry labs Class 10,000 and non-rated
  • Substantial H6 capability
  • Flexible subdivision provides secure space for proprietary programs

Pilot line tools

Pilot line fabrication capabilities:

  1. 6-In. (150 mm) Wafer-scale Pilot Line for Research and Development (3 micron feature size (L/S))
  2. GEN II (370 mm x 470 mm) Pilot Line for Low Volume Production (3 micron feature size (L/S))

Both Pilot Lines are linked to a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Efficient Lot Management and Statistical Process Control (SPC), providing real time integrated information on:

  • Lot status
  • Quality
  • Operational capability

The 6” wafer-scale and GEN II Pilot Line toolsets summarized in Table 1 with their associated fab processes, are fully consistent to enable straightforward scale-up. A comprehensive characterization and metrology toolset listed in Table 2 has been acquired to provide QA/QC, failure analysis and process improvement tools.

  1. Substrate / Planarization Material Systems: Si, Glass, PEN, Stainless Steel (SS), Polyimide
  2. Temporary Bonding Adhesives: 200ºC, 350 ºC
  3. Photolithography: GEN II Scale Automated Distortion Compensation for Plastic Substrate Materials (PEN),
  4. Deposition:
    1. Physical (sputter) vapor deposition (PVD): Al, Mo, ITO, Ta, IGZO
    2. Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD): a-Si, n+a-Si, p +a-Si, SiN, SiO2, SiON
  5. Etch: dry and wet

Leasing opportunities

  • Class 10, class 100 and class 1,000 clean room space with/without sub fab
  • Wet/dry lab space

Leasing information

Karen Honeycutt
Real Estate Operations Director
Phone: (480) 965-6700

Table 1: Pilot line toolset

CleanPCTUniversal Plastics
Coat-DevelopRite Track Series 8600 and 8800EVG 150 XL(s) and nTact Advantage II
Photo ExposureCanon MPA 600Azores 5200gT and Tamarack 304
PECVDAMAT P5000 – MKIIAKT 1600 5-Chamber Cluster Tool
Dry Etch a-SiTegal 903, AMAT 8330AKT 1600 5-Chamber Cluster Tool
Dry Etch NitrideTegal 901AKT 1600 5-Chamber Cluster Tool
Etch ITOAMAT 8330AKT 1600 5-Chamber Cluster Tool
Dry Etch PolymerTegal 901AKT 1600 5-Chamber Cluster Tool
Plasma StripGasonics L3510Etched in Time
Sputter2-MRC 603 KDF 744 SunicKDF 744, Sunic
Wet EtchSPSUniversal Plastics
Wet Resist StripSage Solvent HoodForesight Engineering
BondingLaurrel W6XX Coaters
Western Magnum Laminators
DEK ELA Screen Printer
Sun-Tec Laminator
De-bondingCustom Built EquipmentCustom Built Equipment
MESMass GroupMass Group

Table 2: In-fab metrology tools

TFT AutoprobeCustom FDCGEN II
Automated Optical InspectionOrbotech 7095GEN II+6 in
Optical Microscopy / Critical DimensionsOlympus Microscopes (2)GEN II
Film StressFlexus 2350 FPGEN II
Composition (N, H in a-Si:H and a-SiNx:H)Thermoelectron FTIR6 in+
Film Thickness (transparent films)Woollam EllipsometerGEN II
Critical Dimensions / ProfilesJEOL FESEM 6300F6 in
Particle CountKLA Tencor 61006 in
Surface Profiling / RoughnessVeeco SP3000W Interferometer
Park 150 AFM
6 in+
6 in
3 – Panel Probers
6 – Wafer Probers
1 – TNP Laser Repair
Custom FDC
Custom FDC
Gen II
6 in
Gen II
Film Thickness Profile /
Step Height
Toho FP-10
KLA/Tencor P16+
Gen II
6 in
Substrate FlatnessFWB Custom FDC
Tamar Technologies WaferScan
Gen II
6 in
Resistivity-Rs4D 4-pt Probe6 in
UV-IR TransmissionCary UV-Vis6 in

FEDC technologies

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) for IC Design, Modeling and Simulation:

  • Professional suite of flexible/large area microelectronics design tools:
    • Circuit simulation
    • Design rule checking (DRC)
    • Layer verification (LVS)
    • Layout
    • AutoPlace and route with standard cell library development capability
  • State-of-the-art a-Si:H transistor models including VShift
  • Extensive suite of digital and analog circuit testing equipment